Created by the BIC corporation; The Coosh brand was specifically developed for entry into the consumer electronic accessories sector focusing on headphone products. Excellent design (awarded two patents) ear wrap and ear bud and 1 Utility Patent. The Coosh products resonated as reviews and blogs were favorable.

Retail partners such as Radio Shack, D&H, Tiger Direct, and a few other were established. While limited it did prove that the Coosh brand was marketable and accepted by the consumer.

In 2013 Harco Incentives acquired the brand as a means of diversifying its business portfolio and responding to increasing demand from its customer to “accessorize” its product offering.

As of 2014 the Coosh brand has had a “re-birth” and reinvented itself into a consumer products company with a broader range of products than ever before. Focusing on its DNA of “connectivity”. Our products offering connects consumers to sound, technology, power and health. 

coosh headPHONES

Listen to your favorite music with the Coosh CBT00H1 wireless headphones designed with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This multifunctional pair of headphones will deliver amazing sound quality and lasting comfort. 


Ergonomic, form-fitting, Clean and fashion design, 5 USB output, 1. Input: AC 100-240V 50~60Hz, 2. Output: DC USB*5 5V/5A(Max), USB1 5V/2.1A, USB2 5V/1.3A, USB3 5V/2.1A, USB4 5V/1A, Dimensions 2.5''X1.3''X1"  4. Weight: 3.5 OZ.

bluetooth speaker

Blue tooth speaker with NFC, bluetooth 4.0. Compatible for use with all Bluetooth enabled devices including: iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones and tablet devices. Built-in Mic with Noise-cancellation